Ivida Smart Technologies: Modernizing the Offline Retail Ecosystem

Ivida Smart Technologies: Modernizing the Offline Retail Ecosystem

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Scott Zhang, CEO, Ivida Smart TechnologiesScott Zhang, CEO
With the lion's share of the revenue coming from offline market globally, physical retail owners need to rework their strategy to align with the evolving expectations of the digital-savvy customers. To that end, smart retail, with its ability to deliver seamless and responsive in-store experience, is the future of physical retail stores. However, most stores comprise obsolete and fragmented IT infrastructure which is hard to integrate with the latest IoT and AI technologies. The lack of a well-defined retail strategy adds to the pain. Having expertise in building solutions that are at the intersection of IoT, retail and artificial intelligence, Ivida is in a unique position to help retailers deliver the right customer experiences (CX) through cutting-edge technology. “We bring together smart retail IoT devices, our deep knowledge in retail and AI technology, and consultative strategy to deliver smart retail solutions,” says Scott Zhang, CEO, Ivida.

At the outset of a client engagement, Ivida initiates digitalization of the retail store. Driven by the latest IoT devices and AI technologies, store digitalization covers people, product, and process. The digital strategy helps the retailers to streamline multiple functions and innovate new models around data analysis, marketing, sales promotion, CRM, and new products and services. Adapting to new technology and trends, retailers can improve quality and mitigate the cost incurred on providing support and maintenance.

To help retailers align with the digital revolution, Ivida has partnered with leading LCD and LED signage vendors globally through which it offers a modern digital signage solution. The solution includes leading hardware and content management system (CMS) that helps them save on IT maintenance cost significantly.

We bring together smart retail IoT devices, our deep knowledge in retail and AI technology, and consultative strategy to deliver smart retail solutions

The cloud-based CMS allows retailers to design and distribute content and manage the playback policy easily. The company’s CMS allows stores to deliver personalized information to attract more audience.

Team Ivida stands out in the market with its rich knowledge of retail evolution, technology, and the craft to embed the products in right user scenarios. “My experience of working with chip manufacturing companies and the zeal to offer Internet-based products by leveraging our partner network is part of our key differentiators,” says Zhang.

Ivida’s products create an engaging environment in the physical stores, prompting consumers to do more than just make purchases in stores. The high touch environment and technology enablement improves customer interactions and business operations. One such product is Ivida’s Taptouch hospitality POS system through which retailers can address issues related to the cash register, CRM, customer feedback, voucher, and coupon. Built on the Dual 15.6” Panel Android-based POS system, Taptouch delivers an intuitive experience to the management team, staff, and consumers. By integrating the Taptouch POS system, clients have achieved more than 13 percent revenue growth and repeat customers. The combination of software and right IoT devices has created many success stores off Ivida’s client portfolio.

At present, Ivida is steadfast to help retailers digitalize their store with its digital signage, electronic shelf label, POS, and traffic camera. With the cloud-based software being open for continuous evolution, the firm’s R&D team is currently innovating POS systems for different user scenarios. "Our POS systems will act as a hub to integrate with other IoT devices in stores, and make offline store operations perform better than E-Commerce platforms,” says Zhang.
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Ivida Smart Technologies

Dandenong South, VIC

Scott Zhang, CEO

Ivida Smart Technologies Pty Ltd enables better customer experience for retailers to compete in the new digital smart retail era. The 2015 company has both HW and SW products such as Biz-In-Touch SaaS, Smart Hardware like Digital Signage, ESL, and Smart POS. Their Smart Retail Solution is designed as a new retail concept for the next decades. Biz-In-Touch’s solution is based on long working with customers together. To help retailers catch up on the latest digital retail era, Ivida partners with global leading HW partners and supplied a leading-edge Store digitalization solution